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The History of Kintsugi

The History of Kintsugi

The History of Kintsugi Over the last few years, there has been a renewed interest for kintsugi, as well in Japan as abroad. Kintsugi is now pretty much known worldwide and the aesthetics associated with it is regularly used as...

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This is the real deal, so happy with this set! No cheap acrylic paints and glue, but the traditional japanese technique with anything you need, even protective gloves are included. Everything you could need was considered. Superfast shipping to Germany and the packaging is very tasteful. My expectations are surpassed. :)


Beautifully packaged; everything inside the kit is neatly labeled. As someone new to this method of repair, I found the instructions included very well illustrated and easy to follow. I did use up all of the provided gold powder and had to mix in a little of the silver on the inside of my cup, but I needed to do an extensive repair. Despite this, I have more than enough raw materials left to do a beautiful job on the next piece of teaware I inevitably break! Overall very pleased with my purchase.


I"m loving using this. Yuki is with you every step of the way, with any answers you might need, and encouragement. I'm so excited to have this loved bowl back again!


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