3 Steps to start KINTSUGI at home!

Just 3 steps to start "KINTSUGI" with TSUGUKIT

Step1.  While you are waiting for the kit to arrive, why don't you watch our YouTube video!

Please watch our free tutorial videos about the process of traditional kintsugi using our TSUGUKIT! It also has interesting contents such as video-shooting a Canadian guy doing kintsugi and giving tips to make your kintsugi more successful :)

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Check our YouTube channel!

Step2. Once you got TSUGUKIT, set up a peaceful place you can do kintsugi and prepare your pottery which you would like to repair!

Step3. Let's try Kintsugi!!

Let's try Kintsugi to repair your broken ceramics or any items you would like to mend it cool! If you got any problem while you are doing kintsugi, please join our online lesson from your home! You can make a reservation and purchase a ticket from here

Please check the details of our workshop below.

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