3 Steps to Start Kintsugi at Home

Preparation while you are waiting for TSUGUKIT to arrive:

Step1.  Watch our Free YouTube Kintsugi Tutorial Video

To visualize how to do kintsugi and become more confident to start kintsugi.

Check our YouTube Channel

Step2. Prepare extra materials you can find at home

1. Tools and materials in addition to TSUGUKIT

Although TSUGUKIT has all the special tools and ingredients you need to do traditional kintsugi, please prepare following materials which can be easily find at home:

Tissues, one pair of scissors, utility knife, all-purpose flour, oil (canola or salad oil), water, additional rubber gloves, ethanol for disinfection use (+/- 70°), an urushi box (carton, wooden or plastic box which can be closed with a lid), plastic wrap and rubber bands if applicable.

2. Set up an urushi drying chamber

    Urushi lacquer is a living material that is heavily affected by its environment. Optimal conditions to have urushi lacquer dry would be 20 to 25 degrees Celcius (68-77F) and humidity being around 70 to 80%. In order to create optimal conditions for urushi to dry, you can create an urushi drying chamber with any carton, wooden or plastic box which can be closed with a lid, a wet towel, and a plastic sheet.

    3. Clean your broken object carefully

      Any oil, salt, or stains will prevent urushi to harden, so please wash your broken object carefully and dry well before you start kintsugi.  

      Step3. Set up a peaceful environment and find time you can do kintsugi !

      When TSUGUKIT has arrived, you can start kintsugi.

      If you got any problem while you are doing kintsugi, please join our online lesson from your country. You can make a reservation and purchase a ticket from here

      Online Kintsugi Lesson (English) Ticket

        We provide one-on-one workshops because each vessel is broken differently.

        Note: The number of kintsugi artists who can speak English is limited. Please ask us if we are able to provide online lessons.

        Contact: info@kintsugi-girl.com