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Why I started Kintsugi and found a company

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Why I started Kintsugi and found a company

A bit about Yuki Matano

Nice to meet you! I’m Yuki born in Osaka, Japan, and have been living in Tokyo since 2015.

I worked for a pharmaceutical company in weekdays and went to MBA (Master of Business Administration, McGill University Japan) in weekends for 2 years.

It was hard to commit myself to both working and learning for my carrier.

But I was always asking to myself “Am I happy just staying in a big company pursuing carrier?”


In the spring of 2019, I had to start writing my thesis in MBA.

We had to choose a topic among

  1. Writing a new business plan
  2. Internship in a company whose field you were not in
  3. and one more (I forgot).
  4. I chose the first one; writing a business plan.

But what business?

After thinking for long, something came up to my mind.

I happened to have broken my valuable bowl.

Back to 2014, I bought a bowl in Krakow in Poland.

At that time, I had been living in Germany for over 2 years.

It was really memorable because I went for a trip to Poland with my one of best friends all the way coming from Japan.

Krakow was an attractive and charming area for Japanese girls who like Cawaii (=cute) ceramics 😀

And we bought some Boleslawiec potteries 🙂

We love Boleslawiec (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و.
Now in 2018, in Japan.

While I was washing the bowl, I have slipped my hand and the Polish bowl was dropped.

Polish bowl hit to 100 yen (= around $1) cheap dish, and only the Polish bowl was broken.

Oh my god…(((´・Д・`)))

I really don’t understand why 100 yen dish was intact and my important bowl was cracked…

Desperately, I searched on the internet with the word “bowl + repair”. Our technology has been greatly advanced so we must not have anything impossible!!!


came to my eyes.

The website said it could repair ceramics.

However, I didn’t know the meaning of this word at this time. (2 Oct 2018)

I thought Kintsugi is a name of this shop.

Anyway, I just asked her to repair my bowl by contacting via email.

I had no clue why she asked me “Do you like gold, silver or the other color for finishing?”.

I just wanted to repair my item like origin!!!


Some months later, my bowl came back.

I can use it again (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و.

A little joy 🙂

When I happened to know what kintsugi is.

Some months later (Jan 2019) in my MBA course, a new professor came to our classroom.

She taught us “the Art of Leadership”. Fancy!

In the last lecture, she showed us some beautiful slides of kintsugi.


Is this the one which I let someone to repair my broken bowl a few months ago?!


Was it so beautiful??????

Kintsugi repaired items
Kintsugi is a Japanese traditional technique to repair broken items since the Jomon period (10 thousands years ago). Highlighting and mending the scar of broken items to artist is a Japanese original idea of a paradigm shift. The repaired item has higher value than before broken.

Was it so beautiful ?! 🙁

I didn’t capitalize the charm of kintsugi because I didn’t know what it is!!!

Total regret came to me…

It was the biggest moment that I really met kintsugi.

According to her, she likes Japanese kintsugi and she always go to kintsugi workshop whenever she visits Japan.

(I envy MBA proffessors’ life!)

However, at this time, I didn’t even think I would write MBA thesis about kintsugi and cooperate a firm specialized in Kintsugi in the future…

To be continued 🙂

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