Tokyo Kintsugi Workshop TSUGTSUGU at Hiroo

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Tokyo Kintsugi Workshop TSUGTSUGU at Hiroo

Why don’t we try kintsugi hands-on workshop?!

Do you have any broken / chipped / cracked bowl or dishes?!

Do you like ceramics and/or pottery?!

Would you like to find a new hobby?!

… We believe that kintsugi (repairing your valuable items with Japanese traditional method) is the best for you!!

What is “Kintsugi”?

Kintsugi is a Japanese traditional technique to repair broken items since the Jomon period (10 thousand years ago).

Highlighting and mending scars of broken items and turning them into art are unique Japanese concepts.

The value of the item is higher than before it was broken. Kintsugi is trending not only in Japan, but also in the world!!

How to do Kintsugi?

Follow the steps below;

  • Step 1: Apply urushi on the broken surface and/or the chipped area, and leave it in the urushi box.
  • Step 2: Stick the broken pieces together and/or fill the chipped area with urushi, and leave it in the urushi box.
  • Step 3: Fill the small holes with urushi paste to uneven the broken/chipped surface. Leave it in the urushi box.
  • Step 4: Apply black urushi and leave it in the urushi box.
  • Step 5 : Apply bengal-red urushi, sprinkle gold powder, and leave it in the urushi box.

Seems difficult ?! 🙁

No no!!

We believe that any beginners can try kintsugi and successfully repair the broken ceramics with qualified teachers!!

Why are we focusing on traditional kintsugi?

It is told that there are mainly 2 kintsugi methods – traditional kintsugi and modern kintsugi.

We specialize in “Traditional Kintsugi,” which uses natural ingredients and urushi.

Traditional kintsugi uses real “Urushi” – sap from the Urushi tree – instead of synthetic glue and genuine gold powder instead of fake color powder.

Items repaired using the TSUGUKIT are therefore food-safe.

This is different from “Modern Kintsugi,” which uses synthetic glue and epoxy pate.

Tips to master traditional kintsugi

The most important factor to succeed kintsugi is to try slowly, patiently, and working one by one.

It because urushi needs time to harden – at least a day, and in some processes, we need to wait at least a week. The longer is better.

You can do kintsugi with kintsugi kit which includes all the necessary items, but if you want to master or know further, hands-on workshop is one of the best options for you!

Our qualified teachers know different methods for each type of bowls and breakages.

We explains not only the processes but also the reason why we do so.

Therefore, it is easy to understand each steps!!

Almost 100% of the participants to our workshop are beginners.

They enjoy repairing their important ceramics reflecting the memories of the items, and just focusing on the processes.

Kintsugi makes you relaxed so that you can enjoy the different world 🙂

While traditional kintsugi takes time and effort, the sense of accomplishment you get upon completion is exquisitely rewarding.

Below photos are kintsugi works all done by beginners at our workshop!


Price of traditional kintsugi workshop TSUGUTSUGU

We are holding a regular workshop (you need to come here at least 5 times to repair your broken items) and 1 day special workshop.

Regular workshop:

Admission fee -> Free (This campaign will end without prior notice)

Annual membership gee -> Free

¥6,600/each (¥22,000 for 4 times ticket)

Item storage fee: ¥3,300/year (Only if you leave your item at workshop)

Please ask us around how many times you should come to repair your item. (It’s depending on how badly yours are broken)

You can repair several items at once, so please bring 3-5 items if you have 😀

1 day special workshop: ¥10,000

You can try some important kintsugi processes of kintsugi (including finishing with gold powder :D)

We perfectly organize tools and ingredients so that you just need to come here!!

How to reserve traditional kintsugi workshop TSUGUTSUGU?

Feel free to email us!

Email address:

Where is traditional kintsugi workshop TSUGUTSUGU?

Tokyo Kintsugi Workshop TSUGUTSUGU is located in a convenient place in the center of Tokyo!!

8 min from Hiroo sta.
12 min from Ebisu sta.
Bus from Shibuya sta. and 2min from bus stop “Hiroo 1 cho-me”

google map:

Preparation for kintsugi workshop?

Story about Yuki:

Kintsugi is a Japanese traditional repairing method. I was attracted to this beautiful art and dreamt to be a master of it. However, it is often told that it requires over 3 years to master kintsugi. I wanted to change this stereotype.
I studied/practiced kintsugi hard everyday and learned by multiple artisans, then got a traditional certification in 8 months. Since then, I started to spread charm of kintsugi all over the world by founding a company specializing in kintsugi. I believe I can share the kintsugi method very well since I know how beginners think.
It has been appx. 2 years since I started kintsugi. My activities were broadcasted on TV/radio/media several times.
Currently, I am cooperating neighborhood/cafe/restaurants to correct broken plates which could be thrown away and reusing with kintsugi for environment 🙂

We look forward to meeting you 😀

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