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How to chose the best kintsugi kit?

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How to chose the best kintsugi kit?

Kintsugi has been a big boom in Japan since 2020 when COVID-19 expanded.


I believe that it’s because we have to stay at home for long, and look forward to have fun without going outside.

In this situation, many people found that kintsugi could be the best experience to enjoy at home.

How to start kintsugi?

But how can we start kintsugi by ourself?

I think there are mainly 2 ways;

  • Get each ingredients and tools from DIY shops after searching how to do kintsugi online or in books
  • Buy “Kintsugi Kit” online

However, kintsugi requires more than 20 ingredients/tools to start, so the first option may be too troublesome…

In addition, kintsugi uses some special ingredients such as polishing powder and gold powder which are difficult to find your vicinity.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you to buy kintsugi kit which includes all the necessary items for kintsugi!!

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Different Methods of Kintsugi

There had been a traditional kintsugi method since the ancient time, but recently, there have been mainly two different types of kintsugi.

  • Modern Kintsugi
  • Traditional Kintsugi

What is “Modern Kintsugi?”

Modern Kintsugi was created from a few decades ago, because urushi which is used in traditional one is difficult to handle.

This modern kintsugi uses synthetic glue and epoxy pate.

By using those chemicals, we can repair broken items in one or two days, and the total cost is cheaper than traditional kintsugi.

However, most ingredients are not food-safe so it is not recommended for plates to serve food.

What is “Traditional Kintsugi”?

Traditional kintsugi is a Japanese traditional technique to repair broken items since the 15-16th century.

Therefore, it uses only natural ingredients such as urushi, wood powder, and genuine gold powder, which are all food-safe.

Highlighting and mending scars of broken items and turning them into art are unique Japanese concepts.

Furthermore, the value of the item would be higher than before it was broken.

While traditional kintsugi takes time and effort, the sense of accomplishment you get upon completion is exquisitely rewarding.

How to chose the best kintsugi kit?

Now, I focus on the traditional kintsugi because I believe that this would bring the best experience to you!

Assuming that you would like to buy the traditional kintsugi kit from Japan, what should you check among some kits made in Japan?

How simple and easy to follow every step of kintsugi?

Traditional kintsugi is not super easy compared to modern kintsugi.

The reason behind is that

  1. Urushi may cause skin irritation upon skin contact
  2. Urushi needs special condition to harden

Therefore, the manual/description is very important to succeed kintsugi!!

A number of photos in the manual and YouTube tutorial videos would be the crucial for you to imagine how to do kintsugi by yourself!

Of course, English explanation and global shipping service is inevitable for you 🙂

Description of repairing cracks

Most of the broken plates have several complication such as

  1. broken into pieces
  2. chips
  3. cracks

The majority of traditional kintsugi kits mention how to repair 1 & 2 but not 3, because repairing cracks is somehow difficult/complicated for beginners.

It is also recommended you not repair cracks if your plates/mags don’t leak water.

Moreover, it is the best to break apart if the cracks are fragile so that you can do kintsugi following the steps of repairing breakages.

Sticking broken pieces together with urushi would bring stronger repairing than filling/sticking the gaps of cracks(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و.

Price of the kit

The price range of the traditional kit is about ¥8,000 to ¥20,000 in Japan.

Some kits are super luxury and costs over ¥70,000! (Those kits has Japanese lacquered wooden box)

The difference of the price mainly depends on the amount of genuine gold powder since gold is the most expensive ingredient.

Unfortunately, the price of the gold has been increasing for some years… (as the economy is becoming worse lol)

Design and size of the kit

Most of the Japanese kits has been old-fashioned.

However, recently, some Japanese traditional kits were made more sophisticated and stylish to represent Japanese tradition and attract people from the world!

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Classic and beautiful Japanese design would make you more excited to do kintsugi!!!

We believe that kintsugi – repairing dishes – should be into our everyday life, so the package design is also important factor to chose the kit.

Customer service

What if the kits arrive defect or you had questions about the steps of kintsugi?

You would like to ask the manufacture/seller!!

I think that most manufactures/sellers cannot comprehend how you felt and cannot reply to your questions because of their language ability.

However, recently, limited sellers are able to communicate with you to support your kintsugi life!!

Those personal interaction beyond the world may be important to spread real Japanese kintsugi to the world!!

Which kintsugi kit sells the most in Japan?

Kintsugi started around the 15-16th century in Japan, but it revived and became a big boom in Japan from 2020!!

I also started developing kintsugi kit to aim to create the best kit in the world at that time.

Now, I have been selling kintsugi kit (=TSUGUKIT) for about a year, and it became No. 1 in Japanese beggest 3 EC sites (Rakuten, Amazon, and Yahoo!) after a half year since I started selling 🙂


Because I tried to cover all the above mentioned weak points which were in the previous kits sold in Japan!

  1. TSUGUKIT simplified the steps of difficult traditional method and explained easier with many colored photos and YouTube videos. (I updated the manual more than 5 times to meet customers voice!!)
  2. Coming update of TSUGUKIT (2021 end May) mentions how to treat cracks.
  3. Reasonable price among existing kintsugi kits
  4. Its stylish and sophisticated package design is often chosen as a special gift for your loved one.
  5. Best customer service in Japanese and English is appreciated in customer review 🙂
  6. Therefore, TSUGUKIT is the best-seller in the bigest EC sites in Japan!!

What’s more?! 🙂

Please visit our Traditional Kintsugi Shop TSUGUTSUGU for Japanese best kintsugi kit 😀

Why TSUGUKIT is so good?

Yuki (=me) fell in love with kintsugi in 2019 when she was taught kintsugi by a professor from Canada!

(At the time, Yuki didn’t know what real kintsugi is, although she is Japanese…)

Then, Yuki started learning kintsugi and devoted her life, and got a certificate in only 8 months (Usually it would take over 3 years)

Although kintsugi is beautiful and attracting, Yuki felt that the teaching method is somehow complicated and kintsugi kits at that time were not so cute/stylish which may give people the sense of “old-fashioned”.

Therefore, she started developing the best kintsugi kit which would represent authentic Japanese culture with a stylish package design, and created the best manual written both in Japanese and English for all the beginners.

She also felt sad that a number of non-Japanese people believe that kintsugi with synthetic glue and epoxy pate is a real Japanese method…

As she can speak English and German, she started spreading the real Japanese kintsugi which can be followed by any beginners in the world!!

Please visit our Traditional Kintsugi Shop TSUGUTSUGU for Japanese best kintsugi kit 😀
While traditional kintsugi takes time and effort, the sense of accomplishment you get upon completion is exquisitely rewarding.

Please visit our Traditional Kintsugi Shop TSUGUTSUGU for Japanese best kintsugi kit 😀

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